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John struggles to retain his sanity, and a cat and mouse game ensues between he and Nicholas… the body count rises. Caught in a world of swirling darkness, if John is to save those he cares for, he must confront the unearthly malevolence Nicholas has thrust upon them, and banish his personal demons.

NICHOLAS (Daniel Gadi), the play's enigmatic director, gathers the cast of Kantemir for rehearsals at an isolated mansion in a remote town on the East Coast. On the first day, John befriends WENDY (Justine Griffiths), a beautiful twenty-year old actress, playing Nicholas' lover and John's daughter in the play. Wendy reminds John of his real-life estranged daughter. John discovers that his ex, REBECCA (Diane Cary), is playing the role of his wife, revealing the beginning of an oddly coincidental string of events that appear to have been manipulated by Nicholas.










After John witnesses the murder of a cast member, John campaigns for the attention of the group, but no one believes him, and the harder he pushes to persuade them, the more unstable he appears. In the eyes of the others, John is living up to his Hollywood-Bad-Boy reputation. As Wendy’s infatuation with Nicholas escalates, John realizes they are all living out Nicholas's play; a story in which no one survives. 

ROBERT ENGLUND stars as JOHN LAROUSSE, a famous actor who has fallen from grace. Fresh out of rehab, John is now a tabloid darling and the butt of late night talk show jokes. Hoping to pull his life together, John takes a role in an obscure play called Kantemir.


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