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"Stylized fascination lurks within the convolutions... and the avid actors where their perversity with panache."  

-LA TIMES (David C. Nichols)

WORLD PREMIERE at The Lillian Theatre  2005

EXTENSION at The Lillian Theatre 2006

The wealthy Von Lutz family has its share of secrets: Husband Teodor and wife Vitgen are both having affairs; daughter Anelle is seeking solace in an unsuitable engagement, while her twin brother Dix wants to get married, too--in a white long dress.  Into this mix comes Diern, who claims to be a nephew, setting off a chain of events that explodes into the blackest comedy, rippled through with pathos in the classic Dennis Miles recipe. 


"Crackerjack performances, expert direction, excellent script... one of 2005's best productions."


"With complex characters complimented by talented actors, Von Lutz is a recommended must see" - MAESTRO ARTS (Adrian Rennie)

“In particular, I am thrilled to sink my teeth into the world of Von Lutz because it is a tricky play.

It requires great balance of sexuality and sophistication, passion and desire, acceptance and rejection.” ​​ 

- Jon Lawrence​, Director VON LUTZ


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